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Welcome to AOSpeak: the free voice chat project for the Anarchy Online Community.

TeamSpeak has forced a server update which has partially broken the in-game Speak Bot.
The AOSpeak server will continue to stay up and be available for all to use. If the community wants to keep the bot functionality and there is enough demand I will complete the updated version of the bot I had started.


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AOSpeak is now 7 years old!

Budabot3.4_GA released, with AOSpeak support built in. Ask your orgs to upgrade!

Quick ingame command reference:
/tell Speak Help

Displays in game help with links to forums.

/tell Speak join
Gives you a token and instructions to use it. Process is the same when you're adding an alt

/tell Speak org

Creates a channel for your organization (Requirements: Org Leader and registered for at least 24 hours)

/tell Speak remove
Removes a registered alt

More info in this thread.